Board of Directors

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Kathy Kalaf, Founder

Kathy Kalaf

Founder, President

I just lost eight years of my life. Even now, I have trouble comprehending it. I feel like I was in a sleep for eight years, and I just woke up in another location, in another home, with no job and a couple of new friends.
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Glenn Halvorsen treasurer

Glenn Halvorsen


Glenn is the Treasurer of our non profit, and is one of many who was treated with round after round of antibiotics for lyme disease.
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Dorothy Sikora

Dorothy Sikora


Dorothy Sikora is a singer/songwriter, professional pianist, vocalist, recording artist, teacher, drum circle facilitator and mother.
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Anthony McMurray

Anthony McMurray

Internet Marketing Advisor

Anthony McMurray is our Internet Marketing Advisor. He is a 40 year old father and husband and small business owner. He was diagnosed with asthma at age 4 and from that time had taken steroid based medications and a lot of antibiotics most of his life.
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Dawne Vrabel

Dawne Vrabel, HHP, AADP

Nutritional Advisor

Dawne Vrabel, an Integrative Nutrition practitioner, Certified Herbologist and Molecular Biologist healed herself from Candida. After one year on birth control and 2 rounds of antibiotics, food allergies began developing as skin rashes which she was then prescribed steroids for.
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