Glenn Halvorsen



Glenn is the Treasurer of our non profit, and is one of many who was treated with round after round of antibiotics for lyme disease. Wtih so many rounds of antibiotics, Glenn's immune system was compromised, and he began his next health challenge with his new health issue: Candida. While trying to kill lyme disease, his doctors created a new lifetime health issue, systemic yeast, also known as systemic Candida.

Glenn is presently a union iron worker, fitness trainer, and massage therapist. Someone once told Glenn "Once you hit 30 it's all down hill from there." A few months after turning 30, he went to see doctors on many occasions complaining of extreme fatigue, unable to concentrate, and pain throughout his body. Being in excellent physical shape, he felt his doctors never really paid much attention. He told his doctors he could barely get out bed in the morning and something must be wrong. His doctors always said nothing is wrong.

Several months later while watching the news, Glenn saw a segment on Lyme disease showing a bulls eye rash which he remembered having on his body. They gave a list of symptoms and he had most of them. He went back to his doctors to tell them he believes he has Lyme and wanted to be tested. He was put on many different antibiotics, and still complained about symptoms so he was put on more antibiotics. Some of the symptoms cleared but others got worse.

A coworker at the spa where he was employed as a massage therapist, who was also a nurse, told him about Candida. She was from a geographic area where Lyme disease was common, and everyone in her family had Lyme disease. She knew that treatments for Lyme disease often cause Candida. He stopped taking the antibiotics and started eating yogurt and taking probiotics.

This all occured back in 1990, and Glenn believes many doctors didn't really know how to properly treat Lyme disease at that time, but was surprised that doctors never told him about Candida or to take probiotics. After suffering all these years, having some good days and some bad, Glenn would like to see people to be aware of the problem of the overuse of antibiotics. He hopes that this site might help people so they would not have to go through what he did.

As sick as he was, Glenn purchased his own hyperbaric chamber, and uses it routinely to maintain his health. Eating the wrong food can bring on another episode of a candida reaction, and he found this to be a way to recover quickly.

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