Anthony McMurray

Internet Marketing Advisor

Kathy Kalaf

Anthony McMurray is our Internet Marketing Advisor. He is a 40 year old father and husband and small business owner. He was diagnosed with asthma at age 4 and from that time had taken steroid based medications and a lot of antibiotics most of his life.

He took these medications very heavily as a pre teen and teenager and then hit a time where he had very strong cravings for alcohol and sugar. As he got older, he was able to back off the medication some and then was able to not touch alcohol for 18 years.

In his 30's, he started having to take more medication and then also noticed he had stronger cravings for sugar and alcohol once again.

Anthony was a new supplier to us, providing professional services to Atlantic Journey to Wellness. When reading the website, he realized he was in fact suffering from Candida, and that it was causing his strong cravings for sugar and alcohol. He then joined Atlantic Journey to Wellness as a Board Member.

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